Preme CGX31 Carbon Wheelset

Explore roads less traveled in confidence with our tubeless gravel wheels. The CGX has a wider rim for larger gravel tires and our True Tubeless technology makes swapping out tires for different road conditions a snap.

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Detailed Specs
Rim MaterialCarbon Fiber
Weight - Front706g
Weight - Rear840g
Weight - Combined1,546g
Internal Rim Width21mm
External Rim Width28mm
Rim Depth33mm
Front Wheel28 spokes
Rear Wheel28 spokes
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The ratchet upgrade option is a good choice for those who want a smoother feel at the pedals and quicker power transfer to the wheel. This is especially true for those running larger cassettes.

With the standard 18 tooth hub ratchet, there are 20° between each point of engagement in the freehub body. This means that there can be over 2 chain links before the hub engages on larger, 42 tooth cassettes. The 54 tooth ratchet upgrade improves the hub engagement to less than 1 chain link on 42 tooth cassettes.

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